Sell Your Business

If you are considering the sale of a business, we can provide you with a professional and confidential business assessment which, in conjunction with personal objectives, will allow us to formulate a succession plan.  When you and your business are ready, we will then implement the exit strategy.


Why hire a business broker? Selling a business is a daunting challenge.  When you’re focused on running the business you’ve built, you don’t have time to put together a prospectus, market it confidentially, handle inquires, negotiate for a proper value and coordinate closing with banks and title companies.  Cantrell-Griffin Business Brokers can seamlessly and confidentially guide you through the process of valuing, marketing and selling your business.  The elements we use in determining a business’ value include but are not limited to:  financial statements, income tax returns, asset values including inventory and other pertinent industry data. See Seller Listing Information for a more complete list.

If you are interested in or thinking about selling your business, please fill out our Confidential Sellers Form and e-mail it to us at

The information you provide is confidential, and we look forward to hearing from you.