Exit Strategy for Business Owners

Considering Selling Your Business?


1. Identify Owner Objectives
Cantrell-Griffin Business Brokers (CGBB) knows every business owner's goals are unique. We want to know your objectives for selling. We have found that retirement is the #1 reason. How much would you like to get for your business? We want you to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

2. Analyze Business and Personal Resources
CGBB will assess and value your business to work towards satisfying your objectives by taking into account all owner resources. We determine if business is ready for transition or needs optimization before selling. Candid expert advice can help a business owner balance personal objectives against the business status to determine optimal timing.

3. Sell your Business
CGBB will identify qualified external or internal candidates to succeed the business owner. We represent your business confidentially and we make certain that all transactions will be structured to ensure you remain in control of your business assets until you receive the desired purchase price.

4. Personal Wealth and Estate Planning
Upon completion of the sale, CGBB will introduce owner(s) to financial advisors who can invest and manage the business sale proceeds and thus protect your estate consistent with your personal objectives.