Venture Opportunity - Soy Pectin

Location: Varied
Type: Technology
Price: $3,000,000

Soy Pectin, Inc. is an Arkansas company that has developed and patented a process to manufacture pectin from soybean hulls.  Pectin is an essential food ingredient used globally since the early 1900's. Historically made from citrus and apple peels, pectin is used in a wide range of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dietary products as a thickening, gelling or stabilizing agent.  Pectin is also a natural dietary fiber and a preferred subgroup of the $6 billion global hydrocolloid market.  Soy Pectin will have significant competitive advantages in the 1.2 billion global pectin market because it owns patents to: 1) Soy Pectin products, and 2) Process to manufacture Soy Pectin which can deliver a 20% to 30% less cost product to the market.  The US is the world's largest user of pectin, consuming 9.2% of world demand in 2016, which was 125% larger than the 2007 market size.  Soy Pectin also delivers enhanced benefits of being an all-natural soluble dietary fiber.

Despite the fact the US has always been the largest individual user of pectin, all pectin for US use is now imported. Domestic citrus based pectin manufacturing plants in the US were all closed due to environmental regulations limiting discharge of high-strength waste water from the citrus peel leaching step.  Soy Pectin's patented process does not require leaching prior to extraction and does not generate large volumes of high strength waste water.

Soy Pectin is seeking an investor partnership to purchase or license its technology and take the technology to market by: A) Building a manufacturing facility, and B) Developing and implementing a marketing plan to capture a significant share of the soluble dietary fiber and low methoxyl pectin market.  The technology is preliminarily valued at $3 million.  Soy Pectin is receptive to investor preferences and structuring.

For more information, contact:

Stewart Nance or Bob Cantrell
Office: 479-521-8529  Cell: Stewart 870-688-7100
                                            Bob 479-841-4814